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SelectStar (1994 - 2000)
iBuilder Application Server

Designed and developed as an Internet application server specifically targeted at OLAP applications. This technology predates the current JSP/Java Beans architecture, quite beyond the simple in-line processing/replacement techniques popular at the time, e.g., Cold Fusion. The product was commercially available and deployed in several large telecom companies. iBuilder provides the following features:

A lightweight scripting language for rapid application development, with automatic drill-down capabilities into large data marts.
A set of proprietary HTML-style tags (including form elements) for presenting database query results directly without additional programming.
An application architecture that disengages data processing logic from presentation.
A metadata architecture that frees the application developer from needing a deep understanding of the internal database architecture.
Support for most commercial databases through ODBC and custom adapters.
Scalable to several thousand simultaneous sessions, any of which may be involved in deep multistage queries, returning thousands of rows for HTML formatting or download.

Informix Software (multiple projects, 1990-1995)
4GL for Windows
A new implementation of this popular client-server platform, originally a UNIX character product, recast to Win32 and Windows GUI interaction. Objective was to allow UNIX-originating user applications to run unmodified on Windows. Highlights of our work:

Reconstructed the core runtime on Win32. This was more than a simple "port" of course. It required intensive mapping of UNIX to Win32 API's, and custom extensions to Win32 in support of UNIX idioms (e.g., signals, background processes). Implemented in C/C++.
Developed an abstract visual class library in C++, over low-level toolkits, to support the procedural semantics of a character-based interface. Not a trivial problem!
Reconstructed the development tools (compiler/debugger) with GUI interfaces, utilizing the new Win32 runtime. C++ & MFC.
Informix New Era
A new, object-oriented implementation of the 4GL language. We developed class libraries that were part of the core runtime library for the language:
General Class Library A library of classes to support common programming constructions such as collections, linked lists, math functions, etc.
Visual Class Library A library of GUI classes which provide integrated database functionality. Similar to the GUI components of MFC.
Connectivity Class Library A library of database interface classes that insulate the application from variations in database functionality.

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