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Network Infrastructure/Service Technology

For PumaTech (current projects)
IntelliSync Server and Test Tools (IS for Web Server and DBTool)
Recovered and simplified a complex J2EE/EJB suite of server components. This project had completely stalled, we got it back on track.

This project recovered the syncronization server used by Pumatech and their customers to implement PumaTech's IS for Web product. The server had been in a state of disrepair for some time and needed both bug fixes and functional extensions. The original design was seriously flawed and the product direction had changed significantly since that design had been implemented. It was also obvious that the designers/implementers had used the "if its there, let's use it" approach to Java and J2EE. As a result, the server was overly complicated and inflexible.

The "way forward" to correct these problems was to revisit the design significantly and re-implement the server, requiring approximately eight man-weeks. The new server has the following advantages over the previous one:

There is approximately 40% less code.
The server can be configured to work with multiple database vendors, using XML-based configuration.
It will run under any J2EE server (Weblogic, tomcat, etc).
The server will support more than one customer.
All aspects of the customer configuration can be changed without code modification.
The design and implementation are well-documented.
In the course of this project, we also built a custom test tool (DBTool) to aid in customer development and debugging, as they use the IS for Web Server product. This is now a standard product component.

iBEAM Broadcasting (Jan 2001 - Jan 2002)
Intelligent Network Architecture

Designed and developed of a sequence of upgrades to a large Content Delivery Network (CDN), for streaming media.

Rearchitected the existing batch usage analysis and reporting process into a distributed, parallel system (Perl). As a result, turnaround time from the end of the billing cycle to availability of usage reports improved by 90%.
Architected, developed and deployed a distributed, multi-tiered data harvesting system (Perl, C++) that reduced processing time by 75%.
Introduced data-driven techniques for modeling usage patterns and policy propagation to edge devices (Oracle).

For Yahoo (under contract via PumaTech , June 2000 - Feb. 2001)
IntelliSync for Yahoo
Under contract, designed and built the synchronization server for the IntelliSync for Yahoo product, running as part of the Yahoo infrastructure.

The product provides the key mechanism for users of Yahoo's information management tools (calendar, address book and To Do list) to synchronize the content of those tools with any PIM client supported by IntelliSync from PumaTech Inc.
The server communicates with the IntelliSync desktop engine using a Puma proprietary protocol over HTTP.
Although current usage numbers are not available, the service was being used well over 10,000 times per day within the first few weeks of deployment.
Developed in C++ on Windows NT, with simultaneous port to the FreeBSD UNIX 4.0 deployment platform.

InterTrust Technologies (1998-1999)
Digital Rights Management for Electronic Software Distribution/DRM for Streaming

Investigations and prototype development
Electronic Software Distribution: Integrated InterTrust technology as a digital rights management solution for persistent protection of software products sold and distributed over the Internet. Developed initial API set supporting ESD, including persistent protection mechanisms and interface to associated commerce models. C++ and proprietary toolkits, internal and 3rd party.
Streaming Media: Managed investigation and development of this prototype. InterTrust technology was embedded within the existing streaming platforms (Real Networks, Microsoft). Implemented with C++ and vendor-proprietary toolkits, as both client and server plug-ins.

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