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iBEAM Broadcasting (Jan 2001 - Jan 2002)
Web Reporting System

Designed, developed and deployed a major upgrade to the streaming media traffic reporting system for this large Content Delivery Network (CDN).
On average, over 10 million records were processed daily.

This system provided statistical summaries of streaming media activity on the iBEAM network. We collected raw data from multiple points on the streaming network and generated predefined reports summarizing the activity over a variety of time periods (daily, weekly, monthly, month-to-date)

This system was used by iBEAM to generate customer reports, provide network usage for customer billing, and provide diagnostic information on the operation and efficiency of the network. More:

Data Acquisition - The system acquired the data daily, collected and consolidated from hundreds of geographically dispersed points, incorporating large data centers (New York, Oklahoma and California) and installations at local ISP's.
Parsing and Cleansing - Raw data was parsed, transformed and loaded into the database, continually. During this process, any records that did not meet the minimum criteria for completeness were rejected and flagged for further analysis.
Summarization - Data records were further reorganized into staging tables to aid in efficient summarization. The summarization processes generated data cubes with dimensions time, media type, streaming rate and geography.
Presentation - Reports were customer-accessible over the web, following a standard format for all users. Custom reports were created on demand, taking further advantage of the multiple dimensions and detailed data.

For TeleGlobe Canada (contract via SelectStar, 1998 - 2000)
Call Traffic Analysis and Reporting System (Phone Switch Data)
Using iBuilder, an OLAP application platform, we developed a full production query and reporting system that provided web-based analysis of TeleGlobe customer phone usage, updated on a daily basis.
Customers were able to analyze both their usage and costs geographically, organizationally and historically. The end-user application also provided ad hoc query and drill-down functionality.
The Data Warehouse/OLAP system provided production bulk data processing facilities: Raw data was collected on a daily basis and "cleansed" prior to being inserted in the database. Old data was archived and purged from the database on a customer-by-customer basis, according to individual customer policy.

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