Maintenance . . .   and Migration

  Consider your situation below. Review our projects. We've done this stuff before...

Do you have a product or system with some or all of these issues?

It uses a reliable but not mainstream technology: Older OS or Database versions, classic client-server with no middle tier, CGI-only web methods, unstructured C (not C++), Delphi, Visual Basic...
There are important bugs that need to be addressed.
It handles important business processes that are required by you and/or your customers... and is an increasing target for change.
You would like to make new functionality available to your customers and/or within your company.
The people who wrote/built it have moved on. Your current staff does not have the technical knowledge or heritage required to work on it . Documentation may be sparse, at best.
You would like to replace it, but creating a new system or buying a semi-complete solution is too expensive, too risky.
Your current staff is already swamped with other work. Even if they weren't, they would not be excited about working on this project.

What you need, and what Journeyman Software can deliver:

An accurate assessment of the state of this system or product. You might be surprised what we find, that your choices are better than you think.
A list of options for fulfilling your requirements (how many ways can you skin this cat?). There's always more than one way.
A solid estimate of the cost for each option, based on active investigation into the running system, the components, and the code.
An expert who will enable you to decide which option is best for you. We don't sell you "our" solution, we help you find yours.
A team that can execute the option you choose, or help your team execute it themselves. We keep you up-to-date on progress and provide as much information, good news or not, as quickly as possible.
A trusted advisor who will tell you the complete, unadulterated, no holds barred truth.

Consider us. Review our projects.
Contact us... We've done this stuff before.

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