What we do.

We specialize in building custom Web-Enabled Data Warehouses for for Environmental Sciences and business anayltics data, and delivery of Technical Assessment and Maintenance Services for complex, networked systems.

Flexibility is our strongest attribute... because your challenges don't fit nicely packaged scenarios. You choose the parameters, we deliver.
How we do it.
Data Warehousing and
Web-Enabled Applications

Technical Assessment and Project Assistance


Your goal is rapid and accurate access to inference data regarding markets, customers, products and overall business performance.

Data Warehousing
and Web Applications go hand-in-hand these days to achieve that goal.
We're experts at establishing the warehouse foundation, providing a homogeneous view of your enterprise and your business.
We know the data integration process and tools, transforming myriad data inputs into a cohesive whole.
And, we complete the picture by enabling Internet/extranet access through custom apps or linking up through your corporate portal.

  We provide independent assessment, recommendations, and action plans.

We deliver specs, designs and production assistance as an integrated part of your team..


Have a troublesome heritage system that's not your main focus? We can extend its life and improve quality, in a cost effective manner.


Critical system that's reaching its performance or manageability limits? We can upgrade it to stronger fundamentals.


Broken system? Quality problem? We can recover and document that system, fix bugs, and automate maintenance processes. Get it back on track.

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