We've done this stuff before...

Experience Counts

Each of us has 20 years or more in high-tech industries.

Other pages on this site provide the details, but here are some key attributes and accomplishments to keep in mind:
  • We've produced complete, shrink-wrapped products for top-tier ISV's.
  • We're application people - we make it our responsibility to understand the business value of the systems we're working on.
  • Startups are familiar territory. We've founded some, worked for many. We know the particular challenges there.
  • We're unafraid of "technology triage", whether refactoring masses of existing code or porting to a new target environment. Fixing legacy bugs, or rebuilding the airplane while in the air.
Lessons Learned

Along the way, we've learned a few things they don't teach you in engineering school

  • We listen.
  • We think first. We consider the implications of a solution, beyond the first-order effect on the problem.
  • We communicate. We write it down. In this world of cell phone messaging and one-line emails, someone still has to do the details. That's us.
  • We guarantee our work. Period.
  • We've done it before. You don't pay us to train on the job.

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