Domains -- Our services, methods and strengths.

Technical Assessment
Systems, products, and companies constantly evolve. We provide independent assessment and recommendations to aid in guiding that evolution. Our approach is applied to a range of circumstances, e.g.:
System refactoring vs. replacement decisions
Complex build/buy analyses
3rd party assessment of product assets and IP in support of M&A/Venture Capital investment work
Project Assistance
Project Assistance -- We work well as an integrated part of your project, and your team. We extend your reach, within your processes. Our modes of delivery are flexible to your need.
Refactoring/Maintenance of large bodies of code. Often this is legacy code requiring updates for portability or integration with other systems, or update of features. It can also simply be a complete quality review and bug fix cycle, for code that has become brittle due to dependencies on other systems, evolving OS features or API deprecation.
Porting, particularly moving C++ code between Win32 and UNIX-based platforms. Threading, memory & process management, network, I/O issues abound. Proper use of 3rd party toolkits can ease the task, along with careful custom coding and testing. Our strengths in object oriented design (OOD) allow us to port legacy C/C++ code to Java.
Legacy server "wrapping" -- using CORBA, Java RMI or SOAP/Web Services we can extend the life of existing applications, whether they are initially server-based or not
Technical Assessment Only -- many of the above areas require an initial task of analysis, to determine feasibility and risk. As a stand-alone practice, we can apply our years of experience to deliver detailed written assessments, that let you make informed decisions and minimize risk.
Web-enabled Applications with Relational Databases
Our strongest foundations are in Relational Databases. We've worked for years with the best of them: Oracle, SQL-Server, mySQL, Sybase, Informix.
Application and service development using Java/JDBC/J2EE, C#/.NET, C++/ODBC or vendor API's
Design and tuning
Data Mart/Data Warehouse development, and associated reporting/presentation systems
Stored procedure programming (e.g., PL/SQL and T-SQL)
Script-driven automated administration
Oracle, Informix, Sybase, MS-SQL Server, mySQL
Rapid Development -- Still delivering production quality code, we can implement applications and evolve them quickly to respond to business opportunities. In our experience, simply using higher-level prototyping tools or application generators is not sufficient to serve this need.

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