Flexibility of course is all about accommodating the customer.

Scope -- point solution or phased approach?

Point solution: If we are new to you, we must earn your trust. We do that best by taking on difficult, focused projects, with well-defined completion and closure. Even delivering in the context of a larger project, we'll deliver as a point solution to you, self contained, measurable.

Phased: Larger projects? We'll deliver in phases, and plan it that way. But, more to the point, we'll still deliver self-contained units that can be extended into downstream phases by your own staff if you so desire, fully documented with repeatable acceptance tests.
Note: Irrespective of how we structure a project, all deliverables are well-documented and well-tested, as components and subsystems you can build on.
Pricing -- fixed price or time and materials...or a mix?

Fixed price... ...comes at a price, of course: Complete assessment of the task beforehand, so there are no surprises later. Point solution or phase-by-phase.

Time and Materials: Larger projects? Variable scope? We'll still estimate the effort, establish budgets and plan for well-defined incremental deliverables. We seek clarity in our projects, not just activity.
Relationship -- fully independent or augment your staff?

Our preference of course is to grow our consulting practice on the basis of independent work and delivery. However, your company's circumstances may necessarily dictate the working relationship, and our intent is to accommodate flexibly.

We can work on site with a simple 1099, perform fully offsite development and delivery per contract, or through any arrangement you prefer.

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