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We build data-driven applications with multiple inputs, multiple outputs and a strong RDBMS foundation for turning raw data into meaningful, actionable information.
The figure and comments below describe a common pattern for most of our work in this domain:

Our approach
We don't sell you "our" solution, we help you find yours. The following comments simply outline our method, to emphasize flexibility:
Three primary subsystems. Each is a fully defined project component, that can be developed and refined without undue interdependency:


Acquisition and homogenization of data from various input formats
2. Creation of summary and detail tables, and data cubes, suitable for access and query by various Query/Reporting Tools and Web front ends.
3. Automation of processes for data import and homogenization into the Core Schema, and further transformation from the Core Schema into the Reporting Schema. Implementation of system monitoring/management of the overall process
Requirements Engineering. Although the data flow in the above figure is left-to-right, the project itself is requirements-driven, which is essentially right-to-left. It is imperative that:


The "right" set of key business questions are developed and prioritized
2. The proper Reporting Schema is developed in order to answer those questions and flexibly respond to variations in them
3. The associated data sources are identified and consolidated, according to the schema construction requirements and your top priorities.
A phased, iterative approach. Data Warehousing projects are often given broad scope and high expectations for flexibility and accuracy. Our view is that any DW project needs to prove its approach, and hence value, with an early demonstration of decision-support capability.
What you need, and what Journeyman Software can deliver
An accurate assessment of your information requirements and data resources, sufficient to map out a successful project.
Options for fulfilling your requirements. Even within the above approach, flexibility is our objective.
A solid cost estimate of the for system overall, or a subsystem if we are doing remedial work.
A team that can execute the option you choose, or help your team execute it themselves. We keep you up-to-date on progress and provide as much information, good news or not, as quickly as possible.
A trusted advisor who will tell you the complete, unadulterated, no holds barred truth.

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